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HalaTourist Travel Agency is a renowned tour operator in the Philippines. We consider that the key to success in the Travel business is by offering professional services to go beyond our clients’ hopes as a priority.

We always offer high-quality standards and personalized services supervised by professional management.

We are an expert Inbound tour operator based in the Philippines, offering hotel Booking, Tours & Holiday Packages.

Talal Kharbotli, the director of HalaTourist, arrived in the Philippines 10 years ago, directly from Syria, his homeland. He fell in love instantly with the Island lifestyle. So, after three years of living in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, he reached Manila to establish the headquarters of HalaTourist and share all his favorite secret places and adventures with the very welcome travelers.

Through tireless efforts, Halatourist team continues to connect people with the beauty of the Philippines, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of all those who chose to embark on their transformative journeys.

WE Got You Covered

Arabic & English Support

Our bilingual assistance in both Arabic and English is at your service, ready to help you with any queries, bookings, tours, and communication needs.

Save Time

Entrust the task of vacation planning Base On your preferences and securing the hottest travel deals to the seasoned experts in the field.

Halal Food (Upon Request)

we cater to the dietary preferences of our Muslim travelers by providing halal food options, ensuring your meals with confidence and comfort.


Talk to a Real Person

Engage in direct conversations with our dedicated agents, Our team is enthusiastic about assisting you with every aspect of your travel requirements!

Our Location

we’re a local agency & guarantees you the most competitive rates, directly offered without any intermediaries, when you make your booking with us.

Installment Options

hassle-free payment options, designed to simplify your booking process. user-friendly methods ensure a seamless and stress-free transaction experience.

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